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Growing Excitement for 3D Motion Pictures in 2016

Upcoming this year, there is growing excitement for 3D motion pictures: 35 3D blockbusters are expected in 2016 compared to 27 last year. Our choice is 30% wider than before summer 2015 with a lot of appealing titles expected: Jungle Book, Ghostbusters, Captain America: Civil War, Independence Day: Resurgence, Alice Through The Looking Glass, Kubo, and more. 

As an example, Warner Bros. Pictures' blockbuster film, Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice assured its #1 position in the marketplace generating  approximately 40% of its $170M domestic opening weekend gross on 3D equipped screens.

BSDJ ruled the box office this weekend, both in international and domestic markets, bringing home an estimated $424.1 million worldwide.

 batman v superman 640px

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Innovation Workshop Gives Birth to Edible 3D Glasses

More than 100 Oxford Spires Academy (Oxford, UK) children were involved in a "Tasty treats for visitors" innovation workshop, which saw them design glow in the dark popcorn, healthy snack boxes and edible 3D glasses for visitors to Odeon cinemas to nibble on while watching the big screen.

"Edible 3D glasses" by 14-year-old Jordon Flett were voted best prototype.

 Jordon Flett 320px
Ryan Boucher, left, from Odeon cinemas, with 14-year-old Jordon Flett with his edible 3D glasses prototype

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StereoscopyNews Server Problems are Over!

Our Server faced many problems in the last days of January 2016, with the site almost unavailable for a week, mainly  from outside Europe.

We were working hard on restoring availability andeverything seems to be back to normal since February 4, 2016. Hope you enjoy our website! 

In case of new errors or denial of service, please contact us!

VR Market will Reach $110B by 2025

Accdording to an analyst note from Goldman Sachs, the virtual reality (VR) market will outpace the TV market in annual revenue by 2025, making VR bigger than TV.

 goldmansachsvr 320px

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RealD wins 3D Patent Dispute against MasterImage

RealD (Beverly Hills, CA, USA), which has 27,000 3D stereoscopic cinema screens in 72 countries, had filed an ITC complaint contending that the MasterImage 3D's Horizon3D cinema system products infringe RealD patents, covering optical architecture and polarisation control technologies. 

 RealD 320px 

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