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4 Ways 3D Technology Is Changing Sports

Sports is a new frontier for better technology. In the United States alone, the four major sports — football, basketball, baseball and hockey — bring in billions of dollars in revenue each year. This money comes from ticket sales, advertising and TV network contracts. To keep that revenue moving forward, sports team owners and league organizers are constantly looking for ways technology can bring a better experience to both athletes and fans.

In particular, 3D technology has changed almost everything we know about sports. From equipment and medicine to broadcasting, we should thank 3D tech for almost every way we enjoy our favorite sports today.

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Jurassic World Box Office Jumps Over $1B

Jurassic World is the 4th movie in history to cross the one billion dollars mark. Notice that three out of the four were also issued in stereoscopic 3D (Avatar, Titanic, and Jurassic World) with "Fast and Furious 7"  being the only "flat" movie in the quatuor.

jurassic world 1B BO 320px

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The First 3D Movie Theatre Opens in Cameroun

This is most probably the first 3D cinema opening in Central Africa: The town of Ebolowa made history as the first in Cameroon to host a 3D movie theater while she has never housed a single movie theater in the past. People of all ages in the city can now boast of having in their walls a unique cultural asset, namely a private stereoscopic 3D cinema, first of its kind in Cameroon.


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3D stereoscopic cinematographer Al Caudullo is offering a wide range of 3D services and accessories through its new refurbished web site now called

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Stereoscopic Endoscope Improves keyhole surgery

Pr. Salvatore Livatino and its Hertfordshire University researchers have developed a dual-lens endoscope capable of acquiring 3D images inside the patient that could improve precision of keyhole surgery.

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