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2011 : 3D Record Year

2011 was definitively a record year for 3D, with total box office revenue from stereoscopic movies hitting $6.9 billion, 18 % more than the previous year, according to provisional figures given by Screen Digest.
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in North America, still the largest 3D stereoscopic market, revenue actually was down, to $1.9 billion from $2.1 billion in 2010. While part of that drop was Avatar-related — no 3D release has come close to the take of Cameron’s record-breaking blockbuster — there are also clear signs of 3D fatigue.

“While 3D definitely isn’t going away, the audience is becoming a lot more selective,” says Screen Digest senior analyst Charlotte Jones, who points out that in the US, the 3D/2D split — the percentage of box office a 3D title generates from 3D screens — was down to 56 percent last year, after garnering 66 percent in 2010 and a whopping 70 percent back in 2008. The "3D movies languish at US box office" report is available for Screen Digest.

Europe Screen Digest Report

The "Digital and 3D cinema market trends in Europe Q1 2012" report is available. To get it, contact Screen Digest.

Source: Screen DigestHollywoodReporter.