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3D is the future of cinema, but...

... I will never shoot stereoscopic. This was said on June 8, 2012 by Rian Johnson whose greatly expected forthcoming sci-fi film “Looper” is going to be released in 2D. In an essay published last week on his web site, Rian Johnson explained that he believes that:

  • 1.  3D is the future of cinema.
  • 2.  The introduction of stereoscopic photography is analogous to the introduction of color.

and also that the stereoscopy we are shooting today is the equivalent of hand-painting color onto black and white frames in the early stages of color cinema. In order to be sure we all understand, he adds: "I subscribe to Chris Nolan’s recent assertion that calling stereoscopic photography '3D' is a misnomer".

rian-johnson 250px

"...the eventual development of realistic color in motion pictures was not the result of artists getting better at hand painting film strips. I don’t think the development of 3D will be significantly forwarded by artists 'learning to use' the current technical model of stereoscopic properly, or refining how they dial it in. Technicolor was not a refinement of hand painting, it was a completely new technology.

Let's just hope that we will learn soon enough how to shoot our 3D in Rian Johnson's methaphorical Technicolor so he will be able to shot  "Loopers 2" in 3D!

Read the full essay by Rian Johnson on his blog.