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China and 3D

Cinema and more specifically 3D stereoscopic cinema growth is exponential in continental China. 

China is today home to around 16,000 cinema screens. 80 percent of them support 3D technology. This comes as the country has become the second-largest film market after Hollywood, and bigger than Bollywood.

Xie Fei, director and professor at the Beijing Film Academy said "The current priority should be to focus on shooting good movies for our own domestic audiences. China's box office will hit $3 billion this year (45% expected from 3D screenings). It is expected to exceed the North American market within five years."

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The Chinese 3D Film Industrial Base

In Nov 2012, under the guidance and support of Beijing’s Xicheng district government, the Chinese 3D Film Industrial Base was established by some enterprises in the district.

"Looking at the box office of 3D movies, including IMAX films and other big screen productions, at the end of September this year, the 3D movie box office has reached more than 7 billion yuan, which is 45 percent of the total. We can conclude that the 3D movie industry is developing at a very fast pace." Said Catherine Liu, analyst of EntGroup.

Media consultancy Screen Digest estimates that in 2012, North America hosted around 15,000 3D screens, followed by the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, the Middle East and Africa , while Latin America lagged far behind with over two thousand. In Asia, China is home to the highest number of 3D screens with around 9,500 in 2012 59% of the estimated 16,000 screens).

A Chinese Glasses-free 3D Standard in 2014?

According to the official city of Beijing (China) web site, at the "Glasses-free 3D technology Exhibition & Seminar", part of the 8th Beijing International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo on Nov 6, the Chinese 3D Industrial Federation announced that the systematic standards for glasses-free 3D technology will be proposed and reported as national industrial standards in 2014.

It is hoped to become an international standard in the near future. During the ICCI event, visitors could not only listen to the professional explanation, but also experience the latest 3D equipment.

Source: City of Beijing, CNTV, Macao Digital Cinema.