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3D is the future of cinema, but...

... I will never shoot stereoscopic. This was said on June 8, 2012 by Rian Johnson whose greatly expected forthcoming sci-fi film “Looper” is going to be released in 2D. In an essay published last week on his web site, Rian Johnson explained that he believes that:

  • 1.  3D is the future of cinema.
  • 2.  The introduction of stereoscopic photography is analogous to the introduction of color.

and also that the stereoscopy we are shooting today is the equivalent of hand-painting color onto black and white frames in the early stages of color cinema. In order to be sure we all understand, he adds: "I subscribe to Chris Nolan’s recent assertion that calling stereoscopic photography '3D' is a misnomer".

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3D Film Mart Call for Projects

If you are a producer of stereoscopic 3D movies or a producer of 2D movies considering making your next movie in stereoscopic 3D, we invite you to submit your 3D movie projects to the 2012 3D Film Mart (3DFM), which is the first co-production market for stereoscopic 3D movies in Europe and beyond.

3DFM is sponsored by the MEDIA Programme of the European Commission. 3DFM will take place in Liège, Belgium, on December 4-5, 2012 during our overall 3D Stereo MEDIA event. In 2011, they received 60 projects, for a total budget of about 250,000,000 €. 3DFM is intended to be both a market for stereoscopic 3D movie projects and a forum for discussion and education about producing and distributing S-3D content.

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2011 : 3D Record Year

2011 was definitively a record year for 3D, with total box office revenue from stereoscopic movies hitting $6.9 billion, 18 % more than the previous year, according to provisional figures given by Screen Digest.
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LG Focus on UK 3DTV Early Adopters

LG (Korea) is switching the focus of its home entertainment division away from families towards an early adopter audience to reflect a change in the design of its stereoscopic 3D TV sets.

Marketing activity will be led by a stereoscopic 3D cinema campaign launching in May 2012, which will target ‘uncompromising seeker’ who place more emphasis on special features and design than on price. The electronics manufacturer will this year spend £10m marketing its TVs, with a focus on design, Smart TV and 3D capabilities.

George Mead, head of consumer marketing for home entertainment at LG, said the brand spent ‘95% of time talking about 3D’ last year. He said the company will shift its focus to a design emphasis because ‘there’s lots of consumer confusion in terms of what Smart TV and 3D give to consumers’.

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RealD Buys Back 50 M$ of its Own Stock

RealD, the manufacturer of the well known 3D stereoscopic technology used in so many cinemas, has announced that it plans to buy back $50 million worth of its common stock, currently traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

RealD licenses its stereoscopic 3D technology to cinema chains. Its offering includes everything from the RealD Format used by content producers to create 3D content, to the eyewear we watch 3D films with in theaters (and that a folk on Flickr put on his dog's nose).

 RealD-3D-glasses-on-dog 250px

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