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US 3DTV Deal of the Week

'Good old' backprojection 3DTV are huge and impressive and were once too expensive for you and me. Now they are promoted to "Deal of the week". If you live in the US, at least... The Mitsubishi WD 73C11 73 inches 1080p DLP TV is now on sale for 999.99$ only, thanks to a 700$ rebate added to a 400$ coupon to be substracted from the regular 2,099.99 $ price.

 DLP-3DTV 250px

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Call for 3D video in London, UK

Today was the first appearence of the brand new "Eco-Routemasters" buses in London's #38 line between Victoria and Hackney. Paying passengers may use the new bus right now. London is the city with the largest number of Stereoscopynews readers in the world, and there is exactly 0 online videos feturing the new Routemaster. So, we issue a "Call for 3D video". Take a 3D stereoscopic view of the new routemaster and put it on YouTube 3D or any other video sharing platform accepting 3D movies and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Your audience will  grow instantly...

london-eco-routemaster 250px


CPG goes down under (and under water too)

James Cameron has opened an Australian office to encourage more 3D movies and TV shows, including live sports broadcasts.

Having executive produced Sanctum, a stereoscopic 3D Australian movie, he is now planning to pilot a submersible to the 7-mile deep Mariana Trench, north of Papua New Guinea, for a feature-length documentary. He commissioned the single seater sub  for around 7 M$.

 necker-nymph 250px

The Necker sub above is NOT the one Cameron will use.

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Costa Concordia: Tragic Friday 13 in a 4D cinema

The 3,200 passengers aboard the Costa Concordia cruise liner were enjoying a night of entertainment and relaxation off Italy's Mediterranean coast when tragedy hit them. Some of them paid the 8€ ticket (polarized glasses included) to enjoy 12-minutes stereoscopic short movies in the 4D theater with moving seats and special effects including wind, water sprays, and small. From now, only one of those special effects remain on the offer...

The ship was built in 2006 and the 4D cinema was installed in 2010.

costa-Concordia 250px 

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Is Kodak Soon Bankrupt ?

Kodak is not a big 3D technology provider but its name is one of the largest names most associated with cinema. The 131-years old company has seen his stock plummet in the last month and is now reaching a 47 cents low. Kodak had now hired a law firm that advises companies on bankruptcy and restructuring options.

From 2000 to 2011, Kodak lost more than 95 percent of its value as it was pummeled by foreign competition and then shaken to its core by the digital revolution that killd the film industry. It launched the plan to sell off its key assets as its shares fell another 80% in 2011, having started the year around 3 USD.  The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) warned Kodak this week that its shares will be delisted (dropped from the NYSE listings) if they stay below $1 for six more months. But will Kodow survive six months? Not sure...

 Kodak-gravestone 250px

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