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Cease Fire 3D -Shot Live in 1953 in Korea- Is Available Again

Cease Fire (1953) is an unusual and even unique big studio feature from Paramount. Beyond its excellent use of stereoscopic 3D and stereo sound, Cease Fire is a semi-documentary depiction of the last days of the Korean War, shot on real battlefield locations, using real soldiers, more or less playing themselves, firing real ammunition. Watch the trailer here under.

CeaseFire3D 548x

The Trailer

An Unusual Angle

The movie was, of course, scripted, though the actor-soldiers were encouraged to improvise and thus add additional verisimilitude. Surprisingly though, the movie doesn't hard-sell its "Us vs. the Commies" angle, made as it was during the height of hysterical anticommunism in America. One might have expected a dreary flag-waver along the lines of Jet Pilot (finished that same year), but in fact the picture is closer in spirit to movies like MGM's more realistic Battleground (1949).

The Last 3D Movie Before the Rise of Cinemascope

It's likely that Cease Fire would have been a bigger commercial success had its release not come at the tail end of the ‘50s 3-D boom. The movie premiered in late-November 1953, just as the debut of Fox's new CinemaScope process was dominating entertainment news headlines while interest in and support for 3-D had dropped precipitously.


The folks at 3-D Film Archive restored this Paramount-owned title for Kino's -D Blu-ray release. They've done another remarkable job on several fronts. The 3D, predictably, looks fabulous, but equally impressive is the restored 3.1 audio (in DTS-HD Master Audio), which is aggressively directional, with much of it cued to the surround speakers, and is impressively full of bass, adding to the impact of the battle sounds and Tiomkin's score. Also included is a pre-credits introduction by Gen. Mark W. Clark used for premiere engagements. Slightly different versions of this same introduction were shot all at once, specific to the big city theater in which the movie premiered, and alternate versions (also in 3-D) are included as an extra feature. The disc is Region A encoded.

The Disc is coded in 1080p, Region-A , 75-minutes; with audio in DTS-HD Mono and DTS-HD Master Audio 3.0 (enhanced stereo+ surround).

Cease Fire is on IMDB and Wikipedia. It is on sale on amazon for $21.99.

Source: DVDTalk.