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Extraordinary 3D antique cameras

Rob Niederman is collecting antique cameras. His website has a variety of rarely seen antique wood cameras, related history, and advertising. Check it here.


The most interesting (for us) part of this web site is the one dedicated to multi-lens cameras. Do not miss this collection!

The Thornton Pickard camera

This very old camera dates from the end of the 19th century. Its size was 22x25x28 cm and the plates were encased in a wooden frame slided laterally at the back of the camera body.


At least one sample survives at the PowerHouse Museum in Australia. The Thornton Pickard company doesn't exist anymore but his history is described here at Wikipedia.

Stereoscopic wet plate camera

This wet plate camera is a rare example of a twin lens camera from the 1860s used in Australia. The most notable feature of the camera is the twin brass lenses. Stereo lenses like these were highly prized in the colonies and were often the main cost of the purchase of the camera.


Each one of this pair of lenses had to have exactly the same focal length and were often attached to new camera bodies as the old ones fell into disrepair.

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