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"The Flying Rock" Will Fly in 3D

The Flying Rock” is a somehow different TV-series: all events happen in one room: a bar on top of an asteroid. It’s a model-scale blockbuster! “Firefly” meets “Cowboy Bebop” and “Blade Runner”. The French 3D stereoscopic mini-series is concluding positively its crowdfunding campaign on MyMajorCompany. The opportunity to become a co-producer stays open up to December 9, 2014.

 TheFlyingRock 320px

A 10-epsodes series

The Flying Rock” is a science-fiction series of 10 episodes. Everything happens in a bar, on top of an asteroid. You know that image of the 1950’s diner nested on top of an asteroid, drifting in space – that’s a science-fiction classic. But... actually, there are no movies, nor TV-series about that bar! Too bad - I really would like to go up there and have a drink, just to see who’s hanging out in a place like this…

The Flying Rock is a French project (English subtitles will be available), and the French do have a tradition of high-quality cinema on a budget, with amazing actors and an original way to handle the graphic part. But French cinema is usually unable to handle science-fiction properly, mainly because of budget. Here, the idea is to solve the budget problem by using only one set and very few CGI FX – we will concentrate on characters, action, dialogues… the story! The idea is “by being smart and keeping things small and simple, let’s make make a science-fiction TV-series that looks cool, neat, Hollywood-grade – with an exotic touch.”

The team worked to write a short TV-series (10 episodes of 13minutes each) that would feel like an action/adventure movie, but without leaving the bar: they wanted real characters living in a cool and dark universe, they wanted well-crafted gunfights & brawls, they wanted practical, eye-candy FX, they wanted a story that seems simple but suddenly turn out to be epic…

List of the Episodes
  1. Whisky on the Rocks
  2. Bloody Mary
  3. Old Fashioned
  4. Kir RoyalCuba Libre
  5. Cheshire Cat
  6. Tequila Sour
  7. Dark’n’Stromy
  8. Colonel Collins
  9. White Russian

The Teaser

The History of the Project

 More Info

From the team: "Our three main partners are Parallell Cinéma, a production company specialized in crazy projects and new technologies (especially Stereo 3D cameras); Victorimage/Studio 26, a production company specialized in “extreme shootings”, who owns a big soundstage and quite a lot of equipment; and La Manufacture des Films, a company specialized in set decorating (they did 13 Tzameti and L’Héritage, two films by Gela Babluani that are Sundance Film Festival winners!). "

Visit the crowdfunding campaign website here.