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ESPN 3D Shut Down Announced

ESPN is shuttering its 3D television network ESPN 3D by the end of the year because 3D TVs aren't as popular as they had hoped.

"Due to limited viewer adoption of 3D services to the home, ESPN is discontinuing ESPN 3D," an ESPN spokesperson wrote to Mashable, adding that ESPN "will be ready to provide the service to fans if or when 3D does take off." Future sales of 3D TVs will stay with Blu-ray disks and video on demand as drivers, at least as long as good glasses-free autostereosocopic sets are not available.

The stereoscopic 3DTV market is nevertheless stronger than ever, with 5.7 sets sold in the USA this year, a 39% increase from 2012.

 espn3D 250px

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“Conquest of the Skies,” a two-parts series by Sky 3D

Conquest of the Skies” will be written and presented by Sir David Attenborough and produced by Colossus Productions, the joint venture partnership set up between Sky 3D and Atlantic Productions to develop original 3D titles.  And just before releasing the new series, they will also produce "Natural History Museum Adventure", a 90-minute documentary, also in stereoscopic 3D format.

Attenborough 250px

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DDD Adds Battle Castle 3D Motion Comics to Yabazam

DDD Group is bringing the 3D motion comics for Battle Castle to Yabazam, DDD’s streaming video service for watching 3D movies and shows. This is the first time DDD will be bringing stereoscopic 3D motion comics, a form of media which combines elements of print comic books and animation, to Yabazam.

BattleCastle-3D 250px

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Doctor Who Special 3D Shooting

We announced the shooting of the "Doctor Who" 50th anniversary special in stereoscopic 3D format in February 2013. The special will be aired for Christmas 2013; selected UK locations will have the privilege to offer it on the big screen too.

Watch here under filming of Scene 1 in Gelligaer Lane, Cardiff (UK) doubling for Totter's Lane on Thursday May 2, 2013. We have the Doctor Who special trailer too.

doctor-who-3D-shot 250px

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Google Fiber TV Subscribers Are Happy with Added 3D Channels

Launched last July, Google Fiber TV is offered as part of the company's Gigabit Internet service, a beta-test service actually accessible in Kansas City (KS, USA) and in Kansas City (MO, USA). Users can subscribe to the high-speed Internet with the TV option for $120 per month. Those happy Google Fiber TV subscribers who own a 3D TV and glasses can now opt to watch a couple of new stereoscopic channels. as Google announced yesterday (March 7, 2013) it has launched 3net and ESPN3D on their network.

 Google-Fiber-TV-3D 250px

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