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Samsung UN65HU9000F

Discover the ultimate immersive experience with the new curved design and lifelike UHD 4K picture quality of the Samsung Smart HU9000 UHD 3D stereoscopic TV set.

Watch any movie, sport, show or streaming content at 4 times the resolution of full HD with UHD upscaling. The HU9000 exists in 55", 65", and 78"with list prices around $4000, $5000, and $8000 respectively in the USA.

samsung-un65HU9000 250px

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InAiR Puts the Second Screen in Front of Your 3DTV Screens

Pledge 79$ on Kickstarter and you will get a device displaying your second screen on top of your 3D movie...

With InAir  from SeeSpace plugged in, your TV becomes an Augmented Television. You can turn any ordinary television into a new and wonderful medium, filled with rich and dynamic information from the Web. InAiR uses your TV screen and layers in additional content from the Web and social media.

When activated in stereoscopic 3D mode, the layers of Internet content appear to be positioned in front of the screen and can be dynamically manipulated by the viewer. These foreground layers of information appear to be holograms, and floating "in air" (and this is where the name came from).

InAiR intelligently identifies what you are watching on TV, automatically gathers relevant Internet and social content, and then processes and places these layers of Web information in front of your TV screen in real time, on demand. InAiR can use the vast amount of readily available free content on the Internet to enrich your viewing experience at launch.

Watch the video demo here under.

inAIR 250px

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Samsung KN55S9C, the First OLED 3D TV with Curved Screen

OLED is a technology offering better 3D images thant any other technology, including plasma. As a proof, the brand new Samsung KN55S9C 55" stereosocpic 3D TV is only 5mm thick, offers a nice curved shape, and -most of all- stunning brighness and contrast levels. Watch the video demo here under.

And it is available for $9,000, a far cheaper price than the other available OLED 3DTV, the LG55EM9800 (listed around $15,000).

samsung-KN55S9C 250px

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World's Largest LED 3D TV is Yours for 12,000£

Sharp's 90-inch Aquos 3D is the world's largest LED TV. The set is now available in Europe. If you want to be £12,000 lighter and if you living room is wide enough to allow 3.5 meters (12 feet) between the couch and the wall, this may be your 3DTV of choice.
A 2 meter wide by 1.2 meter high empty space is needed to receive the Aquos. And call a friend for help at installation time as the set weights 64 Kg.

o-SHARP-570 250px

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Want an Affordable BIG 3D TV set?

The Mitsubishi WD-82642 is a 82″ (2 meters) diagonal size 3D stereoscopic TV set. Using rear-projected technology based on a DLP light engine, it occupies only 28.6" (72 cm) of depth. The WD-82642 is manufactured in Mexico and offers a lot of features : 2x10 Watts audio power, a 6-color processor, 120 Hz frame rate, 3D DLP-link active glasses compatibility. Price : 2,900$ on Amazon US.

WD-82642 250px

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