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Philips DesignLine 2013 Stunning 3D TV Sets

The new Philips DesignLine 2013 3D stereoscopic TV sets offer stunning visuals. They were designed by TP Vision and are quite unconventional, appearing as a single sheet of glass without any visible bezel and surrounded by three-way Ambilight lighting.

Philips-designline-2013-TV 250px

Video Tour

Designed by TP Vision

The 2013 Philips DesignLine features a seamless, gradient black sheet of glass that hides the screen in off-mode. TP Vision designed the new Philips DesignLine TV characterized by an unconventional style to truly fit modern living spaces.

The front of the TV is made of one seamless, square sheet of glass in gradient black.

Top Picture Quality

The new sets are Full HD LED screens offering immersive "3D Max" images when seen through the matching active 3D glasses. With the "Smart Interaction" feature you can now share wirelessly photos, videos, and more. Wi-Fi SmartScreen connectivity is included and there is an iPad and iPhone app to interact with your 3D TV and share content from room to room between the TV and the mobile device.

Ambilight 3-sided XL adds perfectly to the floating appearance of the Philips DesignLine television. This unique Philips TV feature projects light that precisely matches the colour of the on-screen content on to the wall behind it.

The new DesignLine TV series encompasses models of 117cm (46”) and 140cm (55”) in screen size. They will be available in Europe and Russia in the second quarter of 2013.


Visit Philips UK for more info (IE or Mozilla recommended, stange things happen when Chrome is used to view this web site).