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Samsung KN55S9C, the First OLED 3D TV with Curved Screen

OLED is a technology offering better 3D images thant any other technology, including plasma. As a proof, the brand new Samsung KN55S9C 55" stereosocpic 3D TV is only 5mm thick, offers a nice curved shape, and -most of all- stunning brighness and contrast levels. Watch the video demo here under.

And it is available for $9,000, a far cheaper price than the other available OLED 3DTV, the LG55EM9800 (listed around $15,000).

samsung-KN55S9C 250px

Video Demo

The image is not sharper than on other "standard" 3DTV sets, but the extreme contrast levels fools you enough to believe it, especially with small black-on-white or white-on-black details.

OLED can display both true black and very bright white, so you can adjust brighness  to your taste with the lights low in the evening, or crank it up to 100 for daytime viewing. But there is the "Eco Sensor" measureing the intensity of the light in the room and automatically adjusting the brightness of the image on the TV.

Multiview, the ultimate 3DTV gadget

The Samsung KN55S9C offers a multiview capability: using 3D glasses with earpieces in a special modes, you can watch one 2D show while your friend(s) watch another one.

samsung-KN55S9C-2 400px

More Info

To learn more about OLED technology, visit Wikipedia.

For more details about the samsung KN55S9C, visit its page on