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One more "Largest 3D TV in the world"

Panasonic strikes  again! This time they presented at IFA a 104 inches autostereoscopic 3DTV based on a 4K panel and a lenticular array. Having 3840 x 2160 pixels on hand is usefull when distributing them among the many views required by the autostereoscopic (glasses free) technology. Price and availability remain to be announced...

Just to be sure thay will be featured here again in the near future, the same Panasonic alos presented a 145 inches 7,680 x 4,320  "Super Hi-Vision" panel in 2D (3.25 x 1.82 meters or 10' x 5'). Expect soon a large lenticular sheet placed in front of that monster and another "Largest glasses free 3D TV in the world" sticker. Why not at NAB 2013?

Panasonic-103-3D 250px

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My 84" LG 3D TV is Greater Than Yours

LG striked again with the new massive 84LM9600 84 inches 3D TV (and 4K resolution) that was presented to its national potential buyers today at the LG Twin Towers in Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea.

Just to be sure you understand how big is this 3D TV set, it is 186 cm wide and 104 cm high, covering an area of 20 sq.ft. The pixel count is 8,294,400 (3840x2160).

For people -like me- who don't own yet a 4K professional player, LG included an upscaler converting state-of-the-art 2K Blu-rays and Blu-rays 3D to the larger 4K format. It is nevertheless ultra-cool to display his own holiday pictures in 4K! And as far as 3D is concerned, even with the passive technology used halving the resolution, full HD is still possible.

LG-84inches-3DTV 250px

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TCL and Sensio Deal on Chinese 3DTV Sets

Stereoscopic 3D TV maker TCL Multimedia Technology (Huizhou, China) said in July 2012 it has finalized an agreement to use Sensio Technologies (Montreal, Canada) Hi-Fi 3D and S2D Switch technologies in their TCL 3DTV sets. Currently, TCL is marketing 3DTV sets in its domestic market in China.

Sensio Hi-Fi 3D is a frame-compatible technology for high-fidelity stereoscopic signal processing in display products. SENSIO Hi-Fi 3D renders the highest fidelity to the originally-captured images for 3D content delivered over cable, satellite or the Internet and it has been deployed in the field and refined over the past seven years. The proprietary Sensio S2D Switch enables users to switch viewing mode of a 3D feed from 3D to 2D or between different 3D view modes.

Sensio-hifi3D 250px

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At 90 Inches, it is the Largest 3D LED TV in the World

Sharp has beaten is own previous world record again : This 90″ HDTV is called Aquos LC-90LE745U and is indisputably the largest LED stereoscopic 3D TV in the world! With a screen height of 1.22 meters and a with a bit over two meters, you will never want any more to buy a larger one! It can be yours for one cent under 11,000$ including two pairs of active 3D glasses. And it is a bargain when considering its very low energy demand said to be around 28 $ per year only. Have a look in the video here under.

aquos-90inches-3DTV 250px

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Big OLED 3DTV Are Coming!

Samsung has shed more light on its plans for OLED HDTVs, saying it hopes to have a 55-inch "Super" OLED 3D TV available in Korea by the second half of 2012.

Samsung first debuted its 55-inch OLED TV during CES in January 2012, promising a TV that produced deeper contrasts and finer detail than typical OLED displays. Samsung's technology relies on self-emitting RGB sub-pixels placed directly on the display to achieve what it claims are more vivid images. The new television will also feature voice and gesture control, a dual-core processor, and Smart Hub media integration.

Super OLED: Samsung is calling its new TV a "Super OLED TV", not just an "OLED TV" like the 55-inch model LG announced earlier at CES, because unlike standard OLED technology their Super OLED sets don't use a color filter, which Samsung says produces deeper contrasts and finer levels of detail. Instead, each SUPER OLED pixel unit is comprised of self-emitting RGB sub-pixels laid directly on the display panel, each emitting its own light.

 super-oled-55-inches-3DTV 250px

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