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Optimize your 3D TV

PCworld issued a paper about "How to Get the Most From Your 3D HDTV". The three basic ideas to optimize your 3D stereoscopic home television is:

  • Use a backlight,
  • Calibrate your display,
  • Customize the Depth Intensity of Movies and Games.

tv-3d-5235132 250px

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LG Passive 3DTV new Firmware doubles 3D Resolution

LG recently made an update to the 3D algorithm that is used to create 3D pictures with its LG CINEMA 3D TV sets. According to LG this update improves 3D picture quality and 3D resolution. LG’s Cinema 3D uses a passive 3D technology based on cheap polarized 3D glasses (the same as in RealD movie theaters). Most 3D TVs on the market today utilize active 3D with expensive 3D glasses (around 100-150 $). The downside to passive 3D is that 3D resolution is lower, but now thanks to a clever use of its high frequency refresh rate, LG Cinema 3D screens are able to reach the same quality level.

 cinema3dupdate-1l 250px

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Vizio CinemaWide 3D TV

The new VIZIO CinemaWide 50 and 58 inches 3D TV set has -as its name implies- an aspect ratio of 21:9 but it also offers 120 Hz, 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, Full HD3D, plus wired and wireless Internet connectivity. It uses passive glasses technology for 3D, so 3D glasses at 2$ apiece are OK.

The large format means you can put a full HD (3D or not) movie and screen along with EPG and other info (i.e. Facebook) on the side.... Resolution is 2560x1080 pixels so there is a 640 pixels zone on the left of the 16:9 image for additional stuff.

vizio-3D-TV 250px

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LG bezel-less 84 inches 4K 3DTV

LG (Korea) is presenting its new LM9600 84 inches 4K Cinema Screen Design at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, USA ( exists also in 60 and 72 inches for smaller living rooms). The frame of this new 3DTV is extremely thin at 1mm only! Not only will the nearly nonexistent bezel help immerse viewers more fully into the 3D experience but it will also allow almost seamless stacking for multiscreen videowalls such as in Nvidia 3D Surround setups, a true 3D gamer's dream come true... Add the monster 84 inches size to the 4K resolution (4 times the number of pixels of other HD 3D TV sets) and the voice control commands.

LG-no-bezel-3DTV 250px

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Worried about Passive 3DTV Resolution?

If you have concerns about losing half the pixels of your stereoscopic 3D image on 3DTVs using passive glasses, LG has the answer!

LG (Korea) announced that they will unveil at the CES (in January 2012) the LW6500, a quadruple resolution stereoscopic 3DTV set with a 84" size and a 3,840 x 2,160 pixels resolution. Even if the passive technology means you are losing every second pixel, you are nevertheless left with two times the usual pixel count of the best 3DTV sets on the market.

With passive glasses, there is no flicker at all as with active glasses; and passive glasses are cheap. Will this incentive be enough to overcome the (huge) price of the LW6500 behemoth? Maybe for wealthy families with more than 15 children...

lg-84-inch-UD-3d-tv 250px

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