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Philips 21:9 3D set

Passive glasses 58" 3DTV for only 4.000 Euros, anyone? For the price, Philips offers a stunning 21:9 aspect ratio TV set with "Ambilight Spectra 3" lignting, "Perfect Pixel HD engine", and of course 3D with passive glasses. This 1.5 meter wide set weigths 29 Kg, has HDMI 1.4 and a native resolution of 2560x1080 pixels (exactly 2,39 :1 aspect ratio, perfect for most movies).


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The war between LG and Samsung

As the Korea Herald explains it today, the two Korean giants are figthing over 3D displays supremacy...

And the rumour that LG is signing a big deal with Sony to provide the Japanese company a LOT of passive LCD panels will not arrange things...


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Consumers enjoy passive glasses 3DTV

The Vizio VT3D650SV passive glasses 3DTV (3,700$), which uses polarized glasses similar to those used in RealD theaters, is a decent rival to the active-shutter 3DTVs out there thus far, according to Consumer Reports.


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You said you have a big 3D screen ?

HyundaI IT (Korea) presented at Integrated Systems Europe the world's first 3D videowall with a diagonal of 138-inch (350 cm) consisted of nine (3x3) 3D-displays of the new model S468FL.


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Sanwa universal active 3D glasses

The Sanwa (Japan) 400-3DGS001 3D glasses work with most 3D TVs from Toshiba, Sharp, Panasonic, and Sony . The universal 3D glasses features USB connectivity allowing you to charge the device via USB cable.


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