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Nvidia 3D Vision Pro

Nvidia is launching the new 3D Vision Pro glasses. The Pro system incorporates active shutter glasses and a radio frequency communication system so no problems with multiple 3D screens in the same room. Maybe available in October.


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The party is just beginning

3 TV sets out of every 1000 sets sold in the US were 3D capable in the first three months of sales. the early numbers suggests that the 3D CE-product market is about to catch fire among consumers.


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For large living rooms and large wallets

Panasonic launches a new line of large professional 3d plasma displays. Sizes :  85", 103", and 152". The 152"  resolution is 4096x2160. Width = 3.41 meters x 1.80 meters, enough to picture a standing human in real size. Among the less interesting specifications, the weight is 590 Kg and the price is not announced yet.


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Plasma 1 - LCD 0

According to Broadcast Engineering, Plasma is better than LCD for 3DTV background technology. One of the main differences between the two technologies, which has a definite impact on 3-D TV viewing, is processing speed. LCD technology has come a long way in increasing its refresh rate, with of 120Hz, 240Hz and even, some companies claim, 480Hz. However, plasma technology has never had an issue with motion blur.


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Samsung 9000 3DTV reviewed

The Samsung flagship 55" 3DTV has a lot of features including a touch screen remote control, USB ports, and an automatic 2D-to-3D converter. It will be available from 14 June 2010 and was reviewed in details by

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