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3DTV Coprocessor for cheap 3DTV

NXP in releasing its new PNX5130 coprocessor. The new chip is called the PNX5130 and will be demonstrated at CES 2010. The coprocessor works with two types of technology including frame interleave and line interleaved.


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Pavonine's Miracube

According to Pavonine, its Miracube series 3D Monitors support Interlaced, Frame/Field Sequential, Side-Field and Sub-Field, and these various forms of spatial images can be reproduced without any restrictions.

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Save the planet with the HDI 100 inches

HDI Ltd. Reveals 3D Projection Display Technology with Greater Than High-Definition Resolution - Revolutionary Laser-Driven Technology Uses 80% Less Power and Costs 60% Less Than Existing Flatscreens.
100-inch diagonal 2D/3D Switchable Dynamic Video Projection Display that derives its stereoscopic 1,920 x 1,080p image quality from two RGB laser-illuminated Liquid Crystal on Silcon (LCOS) micro display imagers.
"It costs $4 billion to get a large screen plasma or LCD plant on line.  Our technology will require five percent of that investment to produce HDI 2D/3D Switchable Dynamic Video Projection Displays in quantity."says HDI Ltd., co-founder Ingemar Jansson.

HDI Ltd. has shown a new 3D projection display technology with greater than high-definition resolution, a revolutionary laser-driven device using 80% less power and costing 60% less than existing flat screens. First samples should be available in May 2010, when the first screens will start rolling out of the Chinese factory....



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Samsung 55-inch 3D 240Hz

Samsung presented a prototype 55-inch 1080p TV with a true240Hz refresh rate at the IMID 2009 conference in Seoul, Korea this week. Read the announcement here on Engadget.


Panasonic 3D Plasma

Panasonic has unveiled a prototype 50-inch television and matching active glasses that together give the viewer the illusion of three dimensions. The images are full HD (1,920x1,080 pixels). Market release is expected in 2010. Read the paper in ComputerWorld here.