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Zecotec autostereoscopic displays

According to Zecotek (with labs in Canada, Singapore,and Russia), a natural and realistic 3D effect can only be achieved with systems such as Zecotek’s unique Real-Time, auto-stereoscopic, multiple-views display system.

Updated info : A unique feature of the Zecotec 3D2D Display is constant motion parallax within the viewing angle. Motion parallax eliminates the sense of imbalance and dizziness during normal observation which can occur with polarized and shutter glasses used with other commercial systems.


No special glasses or peripheral equipment or sweet spots are needed as there is a large number of possible perspectives. The viewing angle is 40 degrees with 90 different perspectives displayed at the same time. Screen sizes will be available in the 5 to 54 inches range. Resolution seems to be 1024x768 pixels.

Zecotek moved one 32 inch prototype to Zurich to demonstrate to selected European OEMs in January 2010 in order to conclude a licencing deal with a major OEM.

Read the press release here on the Zecotek web site. A new updated communication was published in March 2010 with more details.