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Jusha Autostereoscopic Displays for Naked Eye Endoscopic Surgery

Jusha (Nanjing, China) recently presented its Jusha-D24N autostereoscopic display to a panel of laparoscopic surgeons in South Africa. The display has been elected the best 3D naked-eye display by a group of 50 surgeons after a simulated routine procedure competition in Germany showed a 15% gain in operating procedure.

jusha 640px

Jusha Displays Presentation

The test showed that even experienced surgeons could benefit from the then-latest 3D devices. The winning doctor, who had worked at the hospital for more than 30 years and had conducted thousands of operations, performed the procedure 15% faster than before, with significantly increased precision.

At the time, Dr Ulrich Leiner, head of the Interactive Media – Human Factors department at Frauhofer HHI (in  Germany, where the test took place), commented that while many surgeons had been hesitant to use 3D technology because of the need for special glasses, "technology that does without having to wear special glasses will increase the popularity of 3D systems in operating rooms. Now the Jusha-D24N does just that. The high-performance medical display supports all the main 3D endoscopy cameras and delivers a more authentic stereoscopic impression with a wider view angle."

"It is ideal for 3D endoscopic surgery as well as surgical microscopic imaging display," she concluded.

More Info

If you are interested in Nanjing Jusha Medical Display Technologydisplays, visit Jusha (in Chinese, some Google Translate may be useful).

Source: Bidmed, Bizcommunity.