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Toshiba Glasses-less 3DTV

Toshiba Glasses-less 3D REGZA GL1 TVs will arrive in Dec 2010. OK, there are glass-less TVs, but ... they are small and they are low-res. "That's one small step for Toshiba; one giant leap for man waiting for glass-free 3D"


The Toshiba Glasses-less 3D REGZA GL1 Series will land in Japan from the end of 2010, and be available as the 12- inch 12GL1 and the 20-inch 20GL1. The absence of glasses is thanks to a lenticular sheet placed over the LED backlit LCD panel, and which creates nine parallax images that can be seen from a certain viewing zone.  Toshiba recommend sitting 65cm away from the 12-inch display and 90cm away from the 20-inch panel.

Read the Slashgear announcement here. Have a closer look at the display structure here (also on Slashgear).