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StreamTV strikes again...

Back in May 2010, StreamTV (Philadelphia, USA) started pre-orders for 37" and 42" glasses-free 3D TVs which never shipped. At CES 2011 the company unveiled the Elocity range of glasses-free 3D TVs (42", 56", 60"), which didn't ship either. For CES 2012, StreamTV (the same company) announces Ultra-D, a new range of glasses-free 3DTV sets that will revolutionize the audiovisual landscape and even convert any 2D feed to autostereoscopic 3D. The company is claiming that Ultra-D "surpasses all 3D viewing experiences offered to date". We will wait January 9th before confirming any such claim...

 ultra-D 250px

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iPad3 3D and iPad mini

visitor of Display Taiwan 2011 put his hands on what may be a prototype of the next 3D iPad3 with 3G connection and an autostereoscopic HD screen, a device that is supposed to appear as soon as Fabruary 2012. We heard recently a rumor stating a resolution increase of 33%. Watch the video report here under.

Global shipments of tablet PCs are expected to reach 60 million units in 2011, of which 70% will be Apple's iPads. To cash in on market demand as well as market expectations (and under pressure from the Kindle), Apple is expected to release its next-generation iPad3s at the end of first quarter 2012.

 Apple is also expected to launch later next year a smaller version of the iPad3 dubbed "iPad3 mini", with a 20 cm (7.85 inches) display size. The actual iPad has a  25.6 com (10.1 inches) screen.

Ipad3-family 250px

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3DS Audioguides in the Louvre

Nintendo (Japan) and the Louvre museum (Paris, France) announced that they are replacing the old audioguides with 3DS handheld consoles. From March 2012, visitors will start to use 3DS consoles to display interactive 3D stereoscopic maps of the museum, locate themselves within the numerous rooms of the giant museum, follow suggested themed itineraries inside the big collections, and heard commentaries in seven languages.

As 340,000 of the 8,500,000 annual visitors of the Louvre use an audio guide, the Louvre ordered 5,000 3DS consoles.

The-Louvre 250px

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Toshiba Regza 55X3

Toshiba announced a new 55 inches (140 cm) autostereoscopic TV screen with super-high resolution. The 55X3 is glasses-free and created 9 different views with is quadruple full HD resolution LDC panel (QFHD, or 3850 x 2160 pixels). For better contrast, the 55X3 uses a 240-zone backlighting, so he can completely switch the light off in black zones. The device also integrates 2D-to-3D conversion.

regza-55inches-3d-screen 250px

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Sony glasses-free OLED 3DTV within four years

Sony will launch commercially in the next three to four years, glasses-free 3D TVs, Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) TVs and 4K technology consumer products, Sony Gulf managing director Osamu Miura told a journalist of Gulf Times.

OLED is a technology opening the door to very high-resolution. And as very high resolution is the cornerstone of all good glasses-free TV, we understand why Sony announces both advances at the same time.

oled-tv-sony 250px

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