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Are 3D Contact Lenses Better Than Google Glass?

iOptik lenses are contact lenses that enhance your normal vision by allowing you to view virtual and augmented reality stereoscopic 3D images without the use of any bulky apparatus. Instead of oversized VR helmets, digital images are projected onto tiny displays in full color. The microscopic projectors are hidden on the side the glasses and the contact lenses are the screens...

innovega-contact 250x

Innovega (Bellevue, WA,USA) designed the complementary glasses/projectors combo that delivers mega-pixel content the iOptik contact lenses with a 3D panoramic field-of-view. This high-performance and stylish eyewear is perfectly suited for the enjoyment of immersive personal media.

innovega 250x

iOptik Video Tour

The first part of the video is a CGI compilation provided by CONNECT, San Diego and the second part is actual footage through our system.

How it Works

iOptik lenses enhance your normal vision within the confines of your actual eye via the contact lens, the resulting effect allows for very real immersive 3D stereoscopic large screen images.

Of course it isn't just 3D images that iOptiks can project. Innovega says that the applications for iOptiks go beyond simple movie viewing. While the micro-display can be occluded to allow for highly immersive 3D images similar to what you would experience at the movies, it can also be used for 3D stereo gaming. You will even be able to utilize a "transparent display for augmented reality applications".

iOptik Lens by Innovega were demonstrated at CES 2012 and will be present for the first time as fully functional prototypes at CES 2014; expect consumer version availability in a year or so. Military prototypes are already shipping.

This contact lenses with nanotechnology that, when combined with a special set of glasses, allows one to focus close to read a heads-up display projected on the glasses, while seeing far. They can also be used for delivering full-field 3D or for 360 degree Gaming Experience.

More info

Innovega Inc. patented its thechnology (see Patent 20120147320). The company provides components, technology, and reference designs to develop personal media eyewear. Its technology allows the wearer to access digital media while remaining engaged in normal activities. The company outsources and licenses its video eyewear technology and platforms to digital media and consumer products companies for manufacturing and delivering personal displays in compact form-factors. It serves consumer, defense and covert operation, and low vision markets. The company was founded in 2008 by Stephen Willey and is based in Bellevue, Washington with additional offices in Seattle, Washington; and San Diego, California.

Visit Innovega (a web site with accessibility issues in early 2014)or read The Verge.