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A nice 9600x5400 pixels 3D display

Northwestern University’s Center for Advanced Molecular Imaging (CAMI) installed an impressive 3D Display wall made from 25 Full-HD 3D JVC monitors driven by 13 NVidia Quadroplex systems.  The result is an amazing synchronized display driven by a handful of workstations, offering 51.84 Mpixels of stunning 3D display.


The big CAMI display is the brainchild of Matt McCrory. McCrory is a visualization engineer who had traversed the worlds of science and digital filmmaking, working with Argonne National Laboratory, DreamWorks Animation and the University of Chicago, and was lead visualization engineer for Northwestern University Information Technology (NUIT).

He put five rows of five Full HS 3D screens on the wall and linked them to more than a dozen of the most powerfull Nvidia workstations on hand: the NVidia Quadroplex and linked them with NVIDIA G-Sync II technology. On the software side, McCrory developed a GPU-based volume renderer to produce 3D visuals of the facility’s imaging data. The renderer works in conjunction with the open source ImageJ image processing application, which converts CAMI’s imaging data into the layered TIFF format used by the renderer.

At CAMI, The display IT people don't look at the screen, they watch the scientists looking at their own data in 3D :  “When I get something new on the 3D wall I don’t even look at the screen any more – I look at people’s faces”, said Dr. Thomas Meade.

Visit Nvidia (UK version links provided here) for more info about Nvidia Quadroplex workstations ; you may also compare prices of the various Quadro GPU boards.

Visit CAMI for info about their work at Northwestern University.

Source : Randall Hand from Vizworld.