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Google Goggles

According to insisting rumors, Google is developping augmented reality 3D stereoscopic glasses that will superimpose information on top of the surrooundings. Using geolocalisation, and perhaps accelerometers, the wearable head-up display (HUD) knows that you are in front of a restaurant, and displays the opening days, the menu, and the today's specials. The potential revenues in geolocalisation advertising is so huge that Google may sell the "Google goggles" for a very low price.

Google goggles will be similar in appearance to normal eyewear with most probably a few buttons on the sides, a battery in one on the branches, and a Bluetooth receiver in the other, ready to be connected to your Android smartphone or  (maybe) to an iPhone.

Google-goggles 250px

Converging rumors

9to5google reported that contrary to the first rumors about a wearable "Google watch", the gelocalised device is on fact a pair of see-through glasses.

According to the New-York Times, "People familiar with the work in the lab say Google has hired electronic engineers from Nokia Labs, Apple and engineering universities who specialize in tiny wearable computers". Google insiders are reeported to work on and sometimes wear various prototypes of wearable devices.

Blurred frontier between Reality and Internet

Michael Liebhold, senior researcher at the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto (CA, USA) predicts that the next step in technology is the blurring of the real and virtual worlds. Over the next 10 years, people should be wearing glasses with built-in screens and, eventually, contact lenses with working displays. “Kids will play virtual games with their friends, where they meet in a park and run around chasing virtual creatures for points,” he said.


Mike is a frequent speaker and has authored a number of papers, including one recently published in the Nieman Reports, the Harvard Journalism Review, entitled "Digital Immersion: Augmenting Places With Stories And Information" and an earlier co-authored paper published in a special edition of the IEEE Journal on Pervasive Computing, “Data Management in the World-Wide Sensor Web.”

Augmented  Reality Glasses

Several companies are already on the market with AR glasses. Last week NABES published this video presentation of their brand new see-through wearable displays: