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Budget 23" 3D Monitor

Hewlett-Packard (USA) launched recently its new budget stereoscopic 3D-capable monitor, the 2311 gt. Aimed at budget-conscious customers, the polarized monitor is based on FPR technology. It is therefore compatible with inexpensive circularly-polarized passive 3D glasses (à la RealD). 

 HP-2311GT 250px

Tom's Hardware Review

The Tomshardware website published an extensive review of the HP2311 gt here. It is obvious that vdertical resolution is halved when compared with an active glasses solution, but the main problems observed are related to the viewer's position when displaying 3D images : "The HP 2311 gt’s ideal viewing distance seemed to be about 2.5 feet from the display; that's where its 3D effect really popped out. Everyone is comfortable at different distances away from their monitor, and I'm usually about a foot and a half away from my 23" screen, necessitating that I sit farther away than I like. Although shifting left or right has little effect on the 2311 gt's viability, moving up or down as little as four inches from 2.5 feet away caused massive ghosting anomalies. ...  Even positioned optimally, the 2311 gt suffers from minor ghosting."

The HP2311 gt is best used for playing back movies, where you're less likely to have to suffer through distorted text. Its main advantage is the low cost of replacement glasses.


The 2311 gt is available from online stores around 265$ in the US (i.e. at StereoscopyShop).