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Samsung Galaxy S4 Unveiled Live on March 14, 2013

The South Korean company SAMSUNG has confirmed a special event on March 14, 2013 at 19:00 EST in New-York, USA amid rumors that its redesigned Galaxy S4 smartphone will feature a 3D camera and some sort of 3D screen.

The launch event will be livestreamed on YouTube.

samsung-galaxy-s4 250px
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot / @bobfreking

Samsung is Here to Stay in the Tech Markey

Rumors that the Galaxy S4 will include a 3D stereoscopic camera are just the latest news showing tht Samsung is here to stay a serious contender in the tech market. The Galaxy S4 will feature something called the Samsung Orb, according to SamMobile.

This new application will let users take "near 3D photos" as well as easily snap 360 panoramas. Overall, photo quality will be noticeably better and sharing will be easier than ever before. An anonymous insider described the new feature as "an almost three-dimensional viewing experience... even better than Photo Sphere, courtesy of the S4′s amazing camera."

The screen resolution is said to be full 1920x1080 HD.

The Galaxy S4 is rumoured to be powered by Samsung's new Exynos 5 processor, which will have a whopping eight cores (Check  @SamsungExynos onTwitter). The new chip's eight-core design is based on AMD's big.LITTLE architecture. This means that there are four powerful Cortex-A15 cores for the phone's most power-hungry functions, and four lower-power Cortex-A7 models for simpler tasks. When the phone isn't needed to do anything fancy, the more powerful cores shut down, extending battery life.

Wait and see (hopefully in 3D)!

Source: iDesignTimes, ExpertReviews.