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The Incredible zSpace 3D Display

As far as natural 3D stereoscopic experience is concerned, zSpace revolutionizes the way people learn, play and create, bringing realness and life to applications previously flat. For around 1,000$, zSpace transforms any PC into a virtual holographic computing system and platform.

The April 22-23, 2013 zCon conference will provide detailed information on how to use this new device to interested developers. With a research/Acadamia track as well as business and technical tracks, zCon will have something for everyone. Location : Mountain View, CA,USA.

 zSpaceDisplay 250px


The monitor is a 120Hz 23.6-inch Full HD screen with a response time between 2.5-ms and 5.5-ms. A sensor is mounted in each top corner to keep track of where the pen resides between you and the screen, and two cameras mounted along the top edge to keep track of your face. These latter two cameras feed off trackable markers built into the super-lightweight glasses so the 3D scenery remains consistent no matter how you're viewing the virtual objects.


  • High-definition stereoscopic display with full resolution images rendered for each eye
  • Lightweight passive eyewear
  • Full motion parallax with sensors tracking the viewing angle of the user
  • Uniquely designed stylus for managing all interactions in 3D space
  • Development platform for creating new applications and integrating new input devices


The zSpace Developers Conference is held on April 22-23, 2013 in Mountain view, CA,USA. Among the bunch af top class spaekers, the conference will include Martin Banks, Professor of Vision Science, Optometry, Psychology, and Neuroscience, (University of California, Berkeley), and Carl Rosendahl, Founder of Pacific Data Images Associate  and professor at the Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center.

Info and registration available here.


For more info, visit zSpace.