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CastAR, More than Your Usual 3D Virtual Reality Helmet

<Updated November 16, 2013>

castAR -the brainchild of TechnicalIllusions (Woodlinville, WA,USA)-  is a mix of AR (artificial reality) and VR (virtual reality) in a single device that looks like a pair of pico-video projectors glued on top of a pair of 3D glasses.

Two Tiny Projectors + 3D Glasses = 3D

Each projector in this pair of glasses refreshes at 120 hertz, and if the left eye LCD shutter glass is closed when the right projector is on and vice-versa, any projected image will be perceived in full 3D.


If castAR projects images on any object in the real world, it can be augmented with an overlay of information: text, map, a 3D arrow pointer, a virtual keyboard,...


for VR use, you need to clip an add-on optical cover that will retro-reflect each projected images back into the corresponding eye. The net result will be an immersive 3D virtual reality scene presented the Oculus Rift way.

Video demos here under.

 castar 250px

CastAR Video Presentation

CastAR Video Test Footage

Magic Wand

the Magic Wand is an auxiliary peripheral for castAR. The Magic Wand can be used as both a joystick and a 3D input device. The handheld portion of the wand has buttons, a trigger, and a thumb stick. The wand also tracks its own movement in 3D space, allowing you to seamlessly interact with your virtual environments.

magic-wand 250px

Kickstarter Campaign

From FPS to tabletop figurines and anywhere in between, the castAR interface does it all. Proof-of-concept prototypes of the castAR system were shown at the 2013 San Francisco Maker Faire, where it swept the show with six blue ribbons. A Kickstarter project is starting soon to raise capital to manufacture developer prototypes, followed by commercial production. Commercial availability is expected in 2014.

The Kickstarter Campaign wass a success as 263% of the pledged funds were secured during the campagin, reaching $1,052,110 instead of the $400,000 initialy asked for.

Want One?

if you want to secure a PRO package including a pair of glasses, a 1x2 meters projection surface, the magic wand, and a clip-on, prepare your credit card with $285 to spare and go to Technical Illusions. The Kickstarter page is now closed.

More Info

Visit TechnicalIllusions to follow the evolution of the project.