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Altergaze Transforms Your iPhone into a Oculus Rift ( Sort Of )

Altergaze is set on making virtual reality go mainstream just by adding a couple of lenses in front of your iPhone. 

The Altergaze is a new stereoscopic virtual reality interface that uses your smartphone power to deliver a high quality cost-effective mobile VR experience. It can be used either as a handheld or headset device and is beoming a reality thanks to a Kickstarter campaign.

Video demo here under!

Altergaze-Prometheus 250px

Video: Altergaze Interview by VR Focus


The Innovative Triple Lens Design

The hexa lens design used by the stereoscopic Altergaze device is a patent pending lens setup. For each eye there are 3 bi-convex lenses. Unlike a single lens setup that gives you just a bit of distortion, the triple lens layout amplifies this effect greatly. This way, the distortion of the image is achieved through optics rather than using up the processing power of the smartphone. For the human eye, this also creates a more natural distortion in the image.

Altergaze-lenses 420px


This results in a much denser concentration of pixels in the centre of your view, rendering a very sharp and clear image exactly where you need it the most. This is the reason why the image quality feels a lot higher than other more sophisticated VR headsets out there. The pixel density ratio between the centre of your view and the edge is approximately 1 to 2.5.

Changing the way we look at product design, the Altergaze is one of the first products commercialised for 3D printing.

Designed for a future that promotes 3D printing, the entire body of the Altergaze is 3D printed. This means that the level of personalisation for the Altergaze is beyond anything else on the market, regardless of its industry.

All details are explained here.

User Interface

Connect and use a second device as a universal controller with the Altergaze Controller App.

Developed as part of the Altergaze Project, the Altergaze Controller App, is a simple application that facilitates the use of a 2nd device as an input controller. It can be an iOS or Android tablet, a Macbook or any other laptop, and potentially even your XBox or Playstation.

The connection between the two devices is done via WiFi. Once successfully connected, the second device becomes a universal controller with two touch sensitive joysticks and 4 action buttons.

Furthermore, the Altergaze Controller App can also be used as a gyroscope controller, promoting the development of unique and innovative double-gyroscope games and applications.

More Info

visit Kickstarter if you want more details - or pledge at least $75 and pre-order your own Alterglaze device. More interestingly, for $30 you will receive enough info and accessories to 3D print your own Alterglaze yourself.

Altergaze is on Facebook. Their Homepage is here.