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Nvidia Updates 3D Vision Kit, Lowers Prices

Nvidia today announced that it will be releasing an updated and less-expensive version of its 3D Vision kit.


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No glasses 3D at the blink of an eye....

Nvidia and Xpand and other active glasses manufacturers beware ! A viral video appeared yesterday on YouTube with the most funny way to annihilate the need for 3D glasses.

The making of this exceptional prank by South-American post production house JonathanPost is explained here in 3D-Today.


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Acer New Line of 3D Monitors and All In One PC’s

Just before the CES opening, Acer and Nvidia announced the first 27" universal 3D solution supporting both types of current 3D video input (Dual Link DVI and HDMI 1.4 inputs). They also announced the first  All in one PC with  internal 3D vision support  with a built in infrared emitter, meaning 3D gaming and movie watching are easy without the need the for extra equipment besides the active glasses.


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Apple 3D Phone

Following the apple 3D patent filing, lots of rumors appeared. The last ones: "Apple is planning on developing a 3DTV projection system". Others say that "it definitely sounds like there's a brand new 3D phone or 3D tablet in the making."


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Toshiba increases viewing angle of autostereo displays

By sticking a six-axis accelerometer in this 12.1-inch slate, Toshiba can tilt the tablet's viewing angle as the tablet itself is tilted, letting viewers effectively look around 3D objects on screen, using software algorithms rather than the fancy lens-and-camera assembly that Microsoft's been prototyping.


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