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3D Blu-Rays T

All Blu-ray disks listed here are on sale online. Just hover your mouse cursor above any picture for details.

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BD3D-Tad-the-lost-explorer 200px
Tad  The Lost Explorer
BD3D-Tangled-Four-Disc 200px
Tangled 3D
Four Disc combo 
BD3D-Tarzan 200px
The Legend Lives
BD3D-TASM 200px
The Amazing Spider-man in 3D
 BD3D-The-Adventures-of-Tintin 200px
The adventures of Tintin
 BD3D-The-Chronicles-of-Narnia 200px
The Chronicles of Narnia
BD3D-The-Croods 200px
The Croods
BD3D-The-Darkest-Hour 200px
The Darkest Hour
BD3D-The-great-gatsby 200px
The Great Gatsby
BD3D-The-Green-Hornet 200px
The Green Hornet
  BD3D-The-Hobbit-an-unexpected-journey 200px
The Hobbit 
An Unexpected Journey
BD3D-The-Hobbit-Desolation-of-Smaug 200px
The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
BD3D-The-Hobbit-Desolation-of-Smaug-with-book-ends 200px
The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
(with book end statues)
BD3D-The-hobbit-statue 200px
The Hobbit 3D
(with statue)
BD3D-The-LEGO-Movie 200px
The Lego Movie 3D
BD3D-The-Lion-King 200px
The Lion King 3D

BD3D-The-Lion-King-Eight-Disc-Combo 200px
The Lion King 3D
Eight-disc combo with Special Box

BD3D-The-little-mermaid 200px
The Little Mermaid 3D
BD3D-The-Lorax 200px
The Lorax 3D 
 BD3D-The-Nightmare-before-Chritsmas 200px
The Nightmare Before Christmas
 BD3D-The-Nut-Job 200px
The Nut Job
BD3D-The-Orchestrion 200px
The Orchestrion 
 BD3D-The-pirates-band-fo-misfits 200px
The Pirates: Band of Misfits
BD3D-The-Polar-Express 200px
The Polar Express 
BD3D-The-Scorpions-live-in-3D 200px
The Scorpions Live in 3D 
BD3D-The-Smurfs 200px
The Smurfs in 3D
BD3D-The-Ultimate-Wave 200px
The Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D 
BD3D-The-Universe-7-Wonders-of-the-solar-system 200px
The  Universe
Seven Wonders of the Solar System
 BD3D-The-Universe-a-whole-new-dimension 200px
The Universe, a Whole New Dimension
BD3D-Thor 200px
Thor : The Dark World
BD3D-Titanic-4discs-combo 200px
Titanic 3D
Four-disc Combo

BD3D-Titanic-100-years 200px
Titanic 3D 
100th Anniversary Edition

BD3D-Top-Gun 200px
Top Gun
Limited 3D Edition 
BD3D-Tormented-3D 200px
Tormented 3D 
 BD3D-To-the-Artic 200px
To The Artic + Born to be Wild
Double Feature
BD3D-Touch-of-love 200px
Touch of Love  Vol 1-5
5 Disc Box Set
 BD3D-Touch-of-love-intimate-yoni-massage 200px
Touch of Love  Intimate Massage
BD3D-Tour-of-Mars-3D 200px
Tour of Mars 3D 
BD3D-Toy-Story-3 200px
Toy Story 3 
 BD3D-ToyStory-Trilogy 200px
Toy Story 1-2-3 Trilogy
(vol 3 is in 3D)
 BD3D-Transformers-Dark-of-the-moon 200px
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
BD3D-Transformers-Age-of-Extinction 200px
 Transformers: Age of Extinction 
BD3D-Tron-Legacy 200px
TRON Legacy 3D 
BD3D-Tron-Legacy-five-discs 200px
TRON Legacy 3D
2-Movies / Five Disc Set
BD3D-turbo 200px
BD3D-Turtles-s-tale-2 200px
Turtle's Tale 2
(a.k.a. Sammy's Adventures vol 2)




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