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StereoscopyNews Issue #370


Issue #370
11 Oct 2016

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Beauty and the Beers - How to Promote Beer in 3D 360° VR

Deschutes Brewery (Bend, OR, USA) advertise its brands through stereoscopic virtual reality/360° videos. Two of them, for Black Butte Porter and Mirror Pond Pale Ale  are now on their YouTube channel - with more to come. Watch them in 3D here under!

BlackButteVR3D 640px

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OTOY is a believer in Light Field technology from camera to VR headset. With similar ambitions but less money than Google/Magic Leap, the other Light Field pioneer, the small company is working in the Facebook/Oculus environment where they devised a sophisticated compression algorithm and a matching rendering tool. The proof of concept culminates in a transmission rate as low as 1.5 Mbs for a single actor lightfield, meaning video is easily streamable to a smartphone.

OTOY announced that their light field streaming technology will come to Gear VR in the next ORBX free VR Media Player app update. Demo here under.

LightField 640px


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Visit 3D Digital Magic at the Indywood Film Carnival on September 24-27, 2016

Digital Magic is accessible at the Indywood Film Carnival 2016 at the Ramoji film City in Hyderabad, India from 24 to 27 September 2016. Digital Magic is a VR production and post-production facility based in Hong-Kong with presence in many locations in China and Asia, inlcuding India.

3D Digital Magic 640px

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HypeVR: Impressive Volumetric 360° 3D Video

This week we were able to follow the first demos of the HypeVR technology, a depth-mapped, volumetric video system that lets VR users move in, out and around the captured scene. The proprietary capture rig is using 14 6K Red Dragon cameras, a proprietary LIDAR reak-time scanner and includes Google Tango technology for viewer tracking. Their first footage is now visible; watch it here under.

HypeVR 640px

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Digital Stereoscopy is written by Benoit Michel, StereoscopyNews editor. Digital Stereoscopy is the 350-page bible of modern 3D technologies in which students, amateur moviemakers, and professional stereographers will find a clear description of all facets of the stereoscopic business as well as detailed information on the 3D-image production, distribution, and presentation workflow.

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StereoscopyNews is edited by Benoit Michel, a Belgian new  technologies consultant. Follow him on, on FaceBook, or on Twitter.

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