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Stereoscopy News Newsletter Issue #15


Twist - Réseau d'entreprises pour l'audiovisuel

Stereoscopy News Newsletter Issue #15

3DTV Solutions launches 3D-Tricks

The French company 3DTV Solutions launches a new 3D editing software 'à la After Effects'. The 3D-Tricks software is a timeline based 3D editor handling multicamera shoots with real time display on most 3D displays solutions, including autostereoscopic displays.

3D Stereo Media conference update

The 3D Stereo Media conference starts today in Liège, Belgium this Tuesday 1st Dec 2009.
  • General information about the conference is here.
  • The 3D movie festival and competition (featured in 3 Kinepolis thatres in Belgium) is here.
  • Download the brochure here.



Jonas Brothers 3D Blu-Ray

The Blu-Ray disk of "Jonas Brothers: The concert Experience" is released. The disk includes the extended movie in 3D and 2D, and includes two bonus songs not seen in theaters. The Blu-Ray/DVD combo is available for 22.5 $ on Amazon here.

Avatar behind the scene video

James Cameron presents some interesting insider opinions in a new video released on MSNBC. You should be able to see it here on Huffingtpost. A nice (?) picture of the main character is also available on MSNBC here.

The Gate - 3D

"I'm directing a remake of a movie called The Gate, which I'm planning to shoot in 3D", says Alex Winter here in the Toronto Star. Read the paper here in BloodyDisgusting, including the trailer of the original Gate.


Look at Alex Winter's IMDB page here. The original "The gate" movie page is here on IMDB.


A new IMAX 3D in Wales

A brand new 16.8 meters wide IMAX screen will open in Cardiff Bay, Wales, UK, next month.The opening will be on December 16 with a 3D screening of Avatar, by James Cameron. We are sure it should be difficult to select a better date for a 3D IMAX opening !


Read the annoucement here in WalesOnLine.


Faith in 3D = 10 Billion $

...or at least, that is what SONY said today. Sony is thinking that 3DTV and 3D enabled electronic devices are quite capable of producing over $11 billion in the year from 2012-2013, a welcome bonus after the losses incured this year. Reuters adds to this story by announcing that SONY expects half of their TV sold next year will be 3D-ready.


Read the MarketWatch paper here and the Reuters paper here.


3D OB van

Telegenic from High Wycombe, UK, just wins the deal to build BSkyB first 3D OB van. The new OB van will be used to handle stereoscopic production with up to seven dedicated 3D camera rigs, most probably provided by 3ality, CA,USA.


The truck will be used to produce live and recorded coverage of sport and entertainment events for a dedicated 3D channel to be launched by Sky in 2010. 90% of the truck equipment is made of regular HD capable components, the rest being specific to 3D. The building cost will be only “marginally more” when compared to a standard HD truck. Read the annoucement here on the BroadcastNow web site.


Set-up a 3D rig in 8 minutes 23 seconds

Keslow Camera is a rental operation in the Hollywood area. They decided to go 3D with the Element Technica Rigs for a start. And the set-up of the 3D rig was shot in this nice time-lapse video.


Find more information about KeslowCamera here and on Element Technica here.


OffHollywood goes 3D

OffHollywood is a rental facility on the east coast (New-York, USA). They are going 3D and propose solutions based on the Element Technica rigs. Read the 'Mortician 3D news' here on their web site.


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