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Stereoscopy News Newsletter Issue #1

Zero Sugar Special Edition
Subject:Zero Sugar Special Edition
Send date:2009-08-23 19:06:38
Issue #:1
e Newsletter
Steroscopy News is releasing its first newsletter

The Stereoscopy Newletter is born. We expect to publish a one-page newsletter and distribute it by email to our subscribers every week.

Privacy is highly ranked at StereoscopyNews so subscribers can be sure that their names and emails will not be redistributed to any externat company and will only be used to send the newsletter.

Foreword from the editor

Anybody may register for free. Just browse our website at and subscribe. Our audience is actually quite small but we are expecting a steady growth in the next months. So, spread the word !

StereoscopyNews is published by Benoit Michel SNC, a Belgian consultant company working in the audiovisual sector.

Information is everywhere and on the web. But Googling all possible sources is tiresome. So, why not just read the Stereoscopy Newsletter and reach the latest info about 3D? Most of our posted news are very short: one or two sentences usually followed by a link to an external website where extensive in

formation is given. All published news will stay available on our web site. A 'Hot News' menu with many categories gives access to the news in a classical Blog format.

3D at the IBC 2009 D-Cinema Day

Monday, September 14th is officially D Cinema Day at IBC 09, and in the morning the focus will be firmly on stereoscopic 3D for the cinema. Chaired by 3D film producer and session architect Phil Streather, CEO of pioneering giant-screen movie production company Principal Large Format, the morning’s programme will guide delegates through the complete process of 3D movie-making; from pre-visualization, through stereo 3D acquisition and on to stereo 3D editing. Read the details here.

BSkyB goes 3D


BSkyB outlines 3D plans to offer a first 3D channel in 2010. “Our aim is to refine 3D techniques and TV production and build a content library over the coming year.”
Read the Rapid TV paper hereHere is also a nice paper in French on the SVM website.


Sony 4k projectors used for 3D

Sony explains how it will use 4k projectors for efficient 3D  projection. The Sony projector displays two stacked images, one for each eye in the same picture. Then a special lens to the optical trick and sends both images at the same place. Cheap passive glasses will then filter the correct image for each eye.

Explaination and a nice schematic are available here (info coming from, original text in French).

G-Force, the movie with 271 billion 3D hair

"The G-Force filmmakers rendered 271,955,886,586 photorealistic hairs—a number that nears the number of stars in the Milky Way" reports the Popular Mechanics web site. G-Force is a really cute 3D movie centered around guinea-pig secret agents. Read morehere.

Ubisoft bets on Avatar success

MCV, the game business website reports that the buzz around AVATAR could be as big as Harry Potter's. Murray Pannell said that the title – that will be used in 3D both in the cinema and on games console – had the potential to be an “incredible entertainment phenomenon”. Avatar may become the largest 3D game hit before Christmas!

Read the paper from the MCV web site here.

3D Stereo Media 2009

The 1st edition of 3D Stereo MEDIA will happen in Liège, Belgium, on 1-3 December 2009, featuring a 3D stereo film festival, a large array of conferences, an exhibition, and specialized training. Hundreds of experts and professionals, coming from all over the world, will be present. See the event website here.

According to the BDA a standard for 3D Bluray is in sight

The Blu-Ray Disc Association (BDA) announces the permices of the future BD 3D standard. However, several technologies exists and are fighting to become the future reference. Here is the announcement on




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