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"Perceiving in Depth", the Reference in 3D Vision

"Perceiving in Depth, Volume 1, 2 and 3" is a 3-volumes set in the "Oxford Psychology Series" by Ian P. Howard and  Brian J. Rogers. The 3-books set is available from February 24, 2012 on Amazon and from other bookshops from 530.81$ (official price is 575$).

Perceiving-in-depth 250px

The Books

Perceiving in Depth is a sequel to Binocular Vision and Stereopsis and to Seeing in Depth, both by Ian P. Howard and Brian J. Rogers. This three-volume work is much broader in scope than previous texts and includes mechanisms of depth perception by all senses, including aural, electrosensory organs, and the somatosensory system.

The work contains three extensively illustrated and referenced volumes. On total, the thre volumes count 1720 pages and weight 13.6 pounds (6.2 Kg).

Volume 1 reviews sensory coding, psychophysical and analytic procedures, and basic visual mechanisms.

Volume 2 deals with stereoscopic vision.

Volume 3 covers all mechanisms of depth perception other than stereoscopic vision. Together, these three volumes provide the most detailed review of all aspects of perceiving the three-dimensional world. 

This work is not for everyone, but it is definitively the reference work you will need on your bookshelf if you do serious work in 3D research and/or development.

The Authors

Ian Howard (emeritus) is from the Centre for vision research at York University, Toronto, Canada. Brian Rogers is at the Oxford University's departement of experimental psychology.


The 3-books set is available from February 2012 on Amazon  for 530.81 $. Each book is also available separately.