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Vidéo 3D

"Vidéo 3D" is a book aiming to examine ongoing events in stereoscopic state-of-the-art and describe their development, with a formal representation of theoretical tools in order to understand the approaches studied.

References are provided to allow the reader to further study the developments that these numerous techniques relate to. Another aspect relates to examining all points in the technical chain which today governs 3D television. The book will also examine technical tools such as stereoscopic cameras, screens and software. 3D conversion, 3D image matching, detection and compression are also studied.

"Vidéo 3D - Capture, traitement et diffusion" is available in French but the English version is already scheduled for November 2013.

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A Collective Work

As a complete and complex work, “3D Vidéo” is a welcome to the current efforts and achievements which have accompanied the emergence of this new addition to our homes, the 3D image.

Many authors contributed to this collective work that was compiled by Laurent LUCAS, Céline LOSCOS and Yannick REMION.

Vidéo 3D Table of Contents

  1. Fondamentals (by Laurent LUCAS, Yannick REMION, Céline LOSCOS)
  2. Digital Cameras : définitions et principes (by H. KIM, Nicolas HAUTIÈRE, Céline LOSCOS)
  3. Multiview Acquisition Systems (by Frédéric DEVERNAY, Yves PUPULIN, Yannick REMION)
  4. Shooting and Viewing Geometries in 3DTV (by Jessica PRÉVOTEAU, Laurent LUCAS, Yannick REMION)
  5. Camera Calibration: Geometric and Colorimetric Correction (by Vincent NOZICK, Jean-Baptiste THOMAS)
  6. Feature Points Detection and Image Matching (by Michel DESVIGNES, Lara YOUNES, Barbara ROMANIUK)
  7. Multi- and Stereoscopic Matching, Depth and Disparity (by Stéphanie PRÉVOST, Cédric NIQUIN, Sylvie CHAMBON, Guillaume GALES)
  8. 3D Scene Reconstruction and Structuring by Ludovic BLACHE, Muhannad ISMAEL, Philippe SOUCHET)
  9. Synthesizing Intermediary Viewpoints (by Luce MORIN, Olivier LE MEUR, Christine GUILLEMOT, Vincent JANTET AUTIER)
  10. Multiview Video Coding (MVC) (by Benjamin BATTIN, Philippe VAUTROT, Marco CAGNAZZO)
  11. 3D Mesh Compression (by Florent DUPONT, Guillaume LAVOUÉ, Marc ANTONINI)
  12. Coding Methods for Depth Videos ( by Elie Gabriel MORA, Joël JUNG, Béatrice PESQUET-POPESCU GNAZZO)
  13. Stereoscopic Watermarking (by Mihai MITREA, Afef CHAMMEM, Françoise PRÊTEUX)
  14. 3D HD TV and Autostereoscopy (by Venceslas BIRI et Laurent LUCAS)
  15. Augmented and/or Mixed Reality (by Gilles SIMON, Marie-Odile BERGER)
  16. Visual Comfort and Fatigue in Stereoscopy (by Matthieu URVOY, Marcus BARKOWSKY, Jing LI, Patrick LE CALLET)
  17. 2D–3D Conversion (by David GROGNA, Antoine LEJEUNE, Benoît MICHEL)
  18. 3D Model Retrieval (by Jean-Philippe VANDEBORRE, Hedi TABIA, Mohamed DAOUDI)
  19. 3D HDR Images and Videos: Acquisition and Restitution (by Jennifer BONNARD, Gilles VALETTE, Céline LOSCOS)
  20. 3D Visualization for Life Sciences (by Aassif BENASSAROU, Sylvia PIOTIN,Manuel DAUCHEZ NASSIOU)
  21. 3D Reconstruction of Sports Scenes (by Sébastien MAVROMATIS, Jean SEQUEIRA)
  22. Experiments in Live Capture and Transmission of Stereoscopic 3D Video Images (by David GROGNA, Jacques VERLY)

Benoit Michel from StereoscopyNews contributed to chapter 17 "Conversion 2D-3D".

  • 16x24 cm
  • 445 pages
  • Official price : 159€
  • ISBN : 978-2-7462-4545-7

About Laurent Lucas

Laurent Lucas is professor at Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne (France) and director of the CReSTIC lab in the "Signal, Image et Connaissance" group.

Order "Vidéo 3D"

"Vidéo 3D - Capture, traitement et diffusion" is published in French by Lavoisier and Hermès Science Publishing(Paris, France) in the "IC2- Traité Signal et Image" series directed by Henri Maître and Francis Castanié.

The English version is already scheduled for November 2013.

Access the Lavoisier "Vidéo 3D" page. An information sheet with printable purchase order is available here.