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Want to Experiment 2024 VR Facebook? Read This Book!

Once in while stereographers become fiction writers. This happens now with Clyde de Sousa who released last year its sc-fi novel "Memories with Maya", available in paper version and in Kindle format.

What brings "Memories with Maya" on the news today is the Facebook-Oculus VR wedding: Memories with Maya describes a not-so-distant future where virtual reality helmets similar to the Oculus Rift and their external gesture recognition cameras are used in social interaction after a wealthy IT mogul buys the VR Helmet startup company...

Memories-with-Maya 250px

"Memories with Maya"

The book mixes stereoscopic virtual reality, haptic interfaces, augmented reality, and AI (artificial intelligence). The action takes place in the near-future and the characters wear “Wizer” glasses (visible on the book cover here under), a kind of super-next-generation Google Glasses/Oculus Rift combo.

We don't want to spoil the thrill to read the book yourself, so here is the first sentence only: "I zoomed is as she approached the steps of the bridge, taking voyeuristic pleasure in seeing her pixelated cleavage fill the screen..."

Clyde DeSouza offers visions of people remotely interacting in many (very) unexpected ways.

The 210-pages book has its own web site, including a rather detailed synopsis, pics, and more...

"Memories with Maya" is on sale in the usual online stores, such as StereoscopyShop for $8.01. The kindle version is available on Amazon for less than $2.00.

About Clyde DeSouza

Clyde DeSouza is an Author, Stereographer and Creative Technology Evangelist. Raised in different parts of the world, he is at ease in multicultural environments and loves interacting with people of diverse backgrounds, believing that holding on to tradition is over-rated, and a border-less, technology driven world is the future. Currently residing in Dubai, UAE, he frequently shifts base around the world as projects deem necessary. 

Read our previous paper about "Memories with Maya" (Aug 2013). For more info, visit Clyde's web site at