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Robinson, Brent

Brent Robinson is a Canadian stereographer and underwater cameraman. He worked on "Resident Evil: Retribution", "Storm City 3D", “Nurse 3D”, “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D”, and “Haunted 3D”, the first stereoscopic 3D highest grossing horror feature film in Bollywood history. Brent is frequently invited to seminars and workshops about 3D filming, such as the Toronto International Stereographic 3D Conference, the Director's Guild Canada 3D workshop and the NAB.

Robinson has been working behind the camera for over two decades, ever since he began making corporate videos when he was in high school. “I’ve been behind a camera ever since I can remember".

 Brent Robinson

Brent Robinson Interviews

In Canadian Cinematographer

In an interview with Canadian Cinematographer (May 2012 Issue, page 18), Brent explains that as a stereographer he is "responsible for the composition of depth and making sure the 3D lends itself to the narrative.". He adds, "I try to help bring what the director and the DP have in mind for a shot and accommodate the 3D to the mise-en-scène." One of his first tasks on a project is to lay out some depth cues and negative parallax notes in the script and boards with the director and cinematographer. Its goal is to do as much as possible in the camera, to make 3D as accurate and well-aligned as possible, so there is the least amount of post work to correct anything optically.

For Brent, the most important thing is to make the 3D images "optimal yet comfortable". If you can take your 3D glasses off and still see what's going on in the picture then it's not terribly good 3D. He said : "However, if you have so much separation that things are uncomfortable or you just get pain after watching a two-hour film, that's not good 3D. I try to find a comfort zone that's going to show the separation and the depths, but not strain your eyes."

KeyFrame Camera Report: Brent Robinson uses the "KeyFrame Camera Report" app (14.99$ on iTunes) to take notes on the set that he can then share with others.

Robinson's role doesn't necessarily end once shooting wraps: "I think it's a good idea to be there in post to maintain the integrity of the 3D and ensure the stereographic notes have made it down the pipeline."

In ScreenIndia

In an interview with ScreenIndia, Brent explained his favourite 3D shots are the ones which show depth of the shot and converge without hurting the eye. “Even a field of wheat blowing in the wind can be a great 3D frame as a shot from a helicopter showing a valley below. 3D allows us to add more character and make things more prevalent than they normally appear,” he says.

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