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Cameron, James

James Cameron is a Canadian film director, producer, screenwriter and a long time stereography advocate. He is known for many reasons, but you have certainly seen some of its movies: Titanic, Terminator, True Lies and others with names not starting with a 'T'.


He will be remembered in history books for its 3D work and specially for the release of AVATAR. His first public 3D work is "Ghosts of the Abyss", filmed on location in Imax-3D format on the Titanic wreck, at 6,000 meters under water.

He is also the co-developer of a 3-D Reality Camera System together with Sony and Pace Technologies. He is also on the NASA Advisory Council and acts as a senior expert in space and ocean policy and exploration.

2011 update : James Cameron advocates high-frame rates for cinema: read here. Cameron spends 18M$ on converting TITANIC to 3D (to be relased in April 2012).

Look at James Cameron's page on Wikipedia or on IMDB.